【AE教程】仿C4D运动图形效果E3D to Mograph After Effects setup demo

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【AE教程】仿C4D运动图形效果E3D to Mograph After Effects setup demo

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【AE教程】仿C4D运动图形效果E3D to Mograph After Effects setup demo


很多运动设计的世界各地爱CINEMA 4D的运动图形模块,我们可以很容易地理解为什么......它只是对proceduraly和高效的3D动画内容的最简单和最强大的工具!
但不是任何人有预算的C4D Studio许可和直接,其内部后遗症如此强大的3D解决方案,这真是一个改变游戏规则。

A lot of motion designers around the globe love Cinema 4D's Mograph module and we can easily understand why... It's simply the easiest and most powerful toolset for animating 3D contents proceduraly and efficiently !
But not anyone have the budget for a C4D Studio license and having such a powerful 3D solution directly inside AfterEffects would really be a game changing.
Since its CC versions, AfterEffects comes with a Lite version of Cinema4D, which is pretty cool but, sadly, it doesn't include one of the most powerful Mograph feature : the "cloner" object.
And since several years now, a pretty nice third party plugin (the coolest one among any Video/3D software if you ask me) allows us to import, clone and animate 3D objects right inside After effects : ELEMENT 3D (from the international motion and VFX gurus... VideoCopilot) !

But since they seem to have a 3DS Max background and they have their own technical vision, they do not have built their E3D plugin the same way as Maxon has built their Cinema 4D's Mograph module, while it would have offered much more convenience to animate 3D stuff easily...

This is why I came with the idea to build some custom setups (pseudo effects, expressions...) that work in conjunction with Element 3D...

I managed to recreate 3 different setups that mimic the 3 most used C4D Mograph generators ("Cloner" in 3D object mode/Radial/Grid array, "Fractur"e and "MoText"), that all work with an EFFECTOR - which is a bit like a combination of a "Plain effector" with a "Random effector" - that offers much more room for visually drive your animations. Linear falloff, radial and sequential mode, randomness,.. Say hello to some of the most useful controls coming from C4D's Mograph module (and even some underrated advanced ones), right inside Element 3D for After Effects !

Here is a 30 minutes long video that demonstrates the potential of these setups (sorry there is no sound, it would have been too distracting with 30 minutes long background music ;)

The .aep project (with the pseudo-effects suite) will be released FOR FREE in a couple of weeks on our french website motion-cafe.com (dedicated to a community of motion designers and VFX lovers !).
Don't hesitate to comment, share and spread the word !
Stay tuned...



【AE教程】仿C4D运动图形效果E3D to Mograph After Effects setup demo



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